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With the Cold War it wasn't about being first to the moon, the message was "If we can put a man on the moon, we can certainly put a big honking bomb on you". Had the Cold War continued we would probably have a colony on the Moon by now and be sending manned expeditions to Mars. But that's not how things turned out, the Cold War ended and there is nothing out there in space that we desperately need. To justify creating a sustainable permanent presence in space we need a reason for being there, money rules all, any investment needs a return and being there to inspire humans or some obscure scientific study just doesn't cut the mustard.
It would be pretty sad if the only reason to explore space was to say "F*** you!" to the competition.

As stated in the above post, we need to explore for the sake of exploring. We don't want to become stagnate. And besides, we have a lot to gain from colonizing space -- mining asteroids/planets/etc, spreading out humanity to reduce the threat of overpopulation, etc.
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