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Is it possible to set a numeric timer in a story objective, like there are in some of STO's missions? I have watched Kirkfat's foundry tutorial part 7 on triggers, and he shows a work around to create timers using fighting npc's, but I would like a longer timer (say 20 minutes) Is this possible?
No. Not yet, anyway.

Originally Posted by kamiyama317 View Post
Also, is there any way to do randomization in the foundry? For instance if I wanted a random roll of 1 to 10, and each result could spawn a different group of enemies. Is this at all possible?
I have an idea, but I haven't tested it so I have no idea if it would actually work.

1) Place all the mobs in the same place. Give all of them the same trigger.
2) Place a trigger that comes right after the first one and set all but one of the mobs to despawn when the player reaches it. Duplicate that trigger (same location, same everything) and do the same for all but the second mob. Rinse and repeat for each mob.

For this to work, the player would have to encounter one and only one of these despawn triggers.
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