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12-24-2012, 10:01 PM
Well both of those consoles are universal, you wouldn't have to put them in tac slots.

That said, you'd be better off sticking with normal AP consoles entirely. I'm not saying that the consoles are bad, they can be good, but with their long cooldowns, you'll be waiting awhile to use em again.

Plus, both consoles tend to pull aggro, big time. Aggro you may not want. That said, getting your Omega set would be better for you. The console, torp, and cutting beam are an excellent combo, and provide better bonuses and use then the consoles would.

Even so, they can still be useful. Both PDS consoles can lay down a hurting on a great many targets. One by itself can be good.

Ironically, Torpedo Point Defense is better against multiple targeting, normal Point Defense is too, but can be wicked against a single target.
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