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Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
It's also good that the studio isn't run by college-aged, man-hating female activist types who screechingly portray any appreciation of the female form as "objectification."
What clueless commentary.

Once more for the children at the back of the class: She is posed in a way that allows for only two options. To show off ****. Or to make her look like a moron that's about to fall over. She is not strong or confident looking in any way so we are left to conclude that the **** were the point.

That makes it sexist. It also makes us players look like a bunch of stunted babymen.

If she were better posed, similarly to Handsome Phaser Guy, you would not be seeing a thread this long over the image. No one is complaining about the cleavage on the career selection screen because that lady doesn't look like an idiot.

Did I explain it carefully enough for you? Shall I break out the crayons?
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