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12-24-2012, 11:48 PM
Quote: want the seating of the Veteran Destroyer, (that IS an LTC universal, right?) on a FREE cruiser...and you don't see this as a problem re: the cruisers we have to pay cashy-money for.
It's also the seating on a ship that was free last year, so I'm not sure what you're getting at.

Also, the seating on the Peghqu' is very different..The Lt.Commander universal is the ONLY similarity..

we've GOT the intermediate Cruiser covered; it's the Tor Kaht. YES, you have to buy (or grind Dil and convert to zen) Fleet Modules for it, but the role's covered.
The Fleet Tor'Kaht is hardly intermediate at anything. It's probably the single best ship in the game currently, discounting the atrocity that is the bugship.

As it sits, right now, your best option upon hitting endgame, if you don't want to spend money, is to keep on using your tier 4 ship...

and you want to give it to everyone who'll sit through a ten minute mission-to use your own words.
They gave a "better" ship to everyone who sat thru a 10 minute mission last year, so why not?

Klingons need science rigs. We get that. Why make a dedicated attack ship a science rig, tho? That makes no sense at all. Give KDF real science rigs and stop trying to fill the niche with ships that shouldn't be doing it anyway.

How much 'science' have we ever actually seen a Bird of Prey do?

Let's give KDF some real science rigs, like the Jach'eng or the Fek'lhr. How hard would it really be to give Klingons real science ships instead of trying to gimp ships for science that clearly shouldn't be fulfilling scientific roles?

3 Tactical (basis: the B'rel Fleet has 4 engineering, Hoh'sus has 4 tactical.)
And there's the whole problem. You want this free ship to fill a role that not even $20.00 fleet ships can fill.

Like I said, if they want to release a pack later that has a Sci/Eng/Tac versions, like they did the Bortas, Odyssey and no doubt will do with the Ambassador, so be it. Great. I'll welcome that. But the free one shouldn't be comparable in any way to $20.00 fleet ships...

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