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It's also the seating on a ship that was free last year, so I'm not sure what you're getting at.

Also, the seating on the Peghqu' is very different..The Lt.Commander universal is the ONLY similarity..

The Fleet Tor'Kaht is hardly intermediate at anything. It's probably the single best ship in the game currently....

They gave a "better" ship to everyone who sat thru a 10 minute mission last year, so why not?

Klingons need science rigs. We get that. Why make a dedicated attack ship a science rig, tho? That makes no sense at all. Give KDF real science rigs and stop trying to fill the niche with ships that shouldn't be doing it anyway.

How much 'science' have we ever actually seen a Bird of Prey do?
1)I could ask the same question of you-why make a Cruiser out of a dedicated recon ship? (the BoPs we see the most of, are recon/strike craft for behind-the-lines work re; the entire Dominion War season of DS9 for starters). It's easier to retrofit the K'Tinga line to produce more K'Tingas with thicker skin and bigger power conduits, than to scale up Bird of Prey stats, armor it, add weapons mounts, lose manueverability and still fall short of an effective cruiser, while adding to the vulnerable surface area with surface area that serves no mechanical or practical (or battle) purpose. KDF ships tend, post 2360 or so, to have drawn inward and thicker as models progressed-you're proposing a reversal of that trend based on one episode of TNG, where the budget made the SFX people sub in BoP models for Cruiser models because they didn't have enough Cruiser models made to keep up with the shooting schedule.

2)concession to the game here; MOST players using KDF sci toons run around in Bird of Prey to make use of their sci abilities. A few bite down to buy a carrier (usually Orion) or load into a Vo'Quv at level 40, with the Kar'fi being the purchase-it-ride-of-choice at Level 50...unless you want to use all your sci powers, in which case your choice is a Vo'Quv or nothing most of the time unless you want a Gorn ship-which is relatively rare.

So I end up seeing a LOT of BoPs doing Sci...and if you're watching, so would you.

and the conversion fits-a hell of a lot easier than trying to supersize the dies on the BoP production line to build a true BC does-the ship's already electronics intensive thanks to its reliance on Cloaking, means the EPS runs are probably super-sized compared to other ships of that mass range, and even the Klingons eventually improve their materials sciences, so that's a lot of power you can use to run an EW rig in a relatively cheap platform suitable for issue to the sector of the KDF that sees the least respect-that being the Sciences.

Further, the improved Cloak seen in the movies was tested...on a BoP, not a cruiser, nor a proper Escort-there's a reason-BoPs are likely less expensive per tonne than proper Cruisers are, so it's likely to be more "traditional" to build an EW bird off a Bird of Prey, than off a Cruiser (which, per Klingon thinking, has better things to be doing!)

Finally, it's the role of a Sci ship: Sci ships are HUNTERS, first and foremost, in a culture like the Empire, they're the kind of ship you'd SEND to find the enemy's trail, to detect his hiding places and hidden weapons, to pursue and identify, harass and delay, in a timeline wherein the KDF is facing a Federation that has abandoned the Accords and is fitting cloak to warships, the likely direction is to base your advanced hunter on the existing hunter-i.e. your science ship on the ships you already use for reconaissance and special-forces missions, aka the Bird of Prey.
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