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1)I could ask the same question of you-why make a Cruiser out of a dedicated recon ship?
Because that's what they called it in that episode? Not once, but twice. Including once by Picard..

I don't care about special effects, or model budgets, or any of that nonsense. I know that in an alternate universe, they called the ship a battlecruiser. And it's this alternate universe that we're highlighting in the event. Therefore, the ship should be what it was in that episode. A battlecruiser..

2)concession to the game here; MOST players using KDF sci toons run around in Bird of Prey to make use of their sci abilities.
Because there's no better option. There should be, but there isn't. "That's how things are" is no reason for propagating bad game mechanics.

So I end up seeing a LOT of BoPs doing Sci...and if you're watching, so would you.
See my above post.

If KDF had dedicated science rigs, people probably wouldn't be using BoPs, which are classified ingame as raiders, for science duties. Especially when they aren't really that good at it because of a general lack of consoles..

KDF needs a dedicated Sci rig with 4/5 sci consoles, not a BoP with 3 sci consoles pretending to be a science rig. And adding another one of those isn't going to fix the problem.

Further, the improved Cloak seen in the movies was tested...on a BoP, not a cruiser
Maybe because it--hold on for this one--wasn't government funded and a BoP would've been cheaper to not only obtain, but man, then a cruiser? We weren't talking about a KDF-run experiment. So they likely used what they could afford/spare/maintain.

Farmer John uses a Mazda Pick-up to haul dirt instead of a dump truck. Therefore, one can conclude Mazda Pick-ups are better at hauling dirt then dump trucks..

KDF would be government-funded. In fact, we hear in ST VI that 3/4 of the Klingon economy is dedicated to the military...

Finally, it's the role of a Sci ship: Sci ships are HUNTERS, first and foremost, in a culture like the Empire
Good job making that up. Too bad it has no basis in the canon at all.

Give KDF real science rigs. Bird of Preys are not science rigs, nor should they be.

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