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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
I am no noob go it.I will recant my posts on this as i just tried it and it does work although I can see why engineers are envious as Tacs are being some what over powered.You can not use 2 engineering teams or they will over write each other not sure about sci team.

What a skilled MMO is is one that has its skills perfectly balanced.
of course you are not a noob, you have been around since just have a very wrong understanding of how abilitys and skills work in this game.
everything you stated in this post, and some others i had the joy of reading, is wrong.
you know the target subsystem only doable with phaser claimed this would be the case in another thread. my brain still hurts from that probably still believe it to be true.

anyway, i'm done here, but i'm looking forward to your next wrong statements in an upcoming post.
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