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12-25-2012, 01:15 AM
I'll second the notion - Romulan marks are very easy to obtain. In fact for less than 1 hours work in total, spread across 10 days - you can have 400. Epohhs are ridiculously easy to utilize... so easy that I gave up doing the daily patrols.

So lets ignore Epohhs for the moment, and that after Tier 5, you really don't need to farm anything until CRYPTIC introduces something new...
  • Daily Patrol generates 60 - easily attained in 1.5 hrs
  • Daily Red Alert - 30
  • 3 Missions - 8-20
  • 5 Romulan planets side - 10 each,
  • Tier Missions 10-15 (1 at each Tier)

OMEGA and Romulan reputations are not equal - hence the lower Romulan marks rewarded. OMEGA has so much more to offer in terms of gear, consumables, etc.

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