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12-25-2012, 03:28 AM
Same as comic book artists -- whoever was commissioned to do the art was not getting paid to make something elegant and artistic. They were getting paid to sell Star Trek Online in an image.

Captain Cheesecake is that image. Instead of complaining about the art, we should be complaining about how culturally -- this is the kind of thing that draws players to a game.

You can deny it or argue it all you want, the sad fact of the matter is a lot of male gamers are 'stunted babymen' as previously said. Or a large enough demographic of them is that would warrant marketing to want something like this to be STO's 'mascot'.

The artist in question has technique, but no talent. A Norman Rockwell, if you will. Rockwell was an illustrator and a painter, he did work for a magazine who had idealistic 'American' tones to it. And he did it for a paycheck. Norman Rockwell had brilliant technique, but no talent. If he was given a set of parameters to fulfill in regards to a piece, he would do it and create a beautiful illustration to help sell the magazine. But there was no art involved in it. It was all technique. He even said he wasn't an artist, he preferred to be called an illustrator.

That said, don't slam the art. Slam the customers that PWE is trying to market STO to. If Captain Cheesecake is here, it is only because we've asked for it. I, like many others do not care for the image at all based on aesthetics, but this is unfortunately the reality we live in.

Sex sells.

Don't pretend it doesn't, don't blame the artist, blame the gaming culture for endorsing and encouraging this kind of marketing 'artwork'. Blame PWE if you want, but they only commission this because that's what sells.

As much as I'd like to pin the blame on them -- if gaming culture decided that cute kittens wearing pink bows on marketing artwork had proven to sell more copies of the game, you can be rest assured there would be a vulcan sehlat with a pink bow running through the battlefield of STO plastered on the front page.  39147