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Yeah.I was in closed beta and stopped when it went live as I wasn't going to pay a sub to play this game.It wouldn't be worth it and I am a lot better at Starfleet Command which takes more know than this game.The tractor beam in that game work the way it should.
thats nice to know but basically irrelevant for STO.
i played SFC3 myself for a long time, but never online, the game is way simpler (which is actually good in my opinion, less to screw up) than STO, so a comparison isn't really possible.
i loved the simplicity of sfc, and how the space combat took place, but this type of combat was fun, but a 10 year old game is just outdated and in my opinion can't hold up nowadays to STO.
Anyway, i loved sfc, gonna play it right now actually! THX for reminding me.
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