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12-25-2012, 04:59 AM
I'm looking at this mainly from the business angle
It's a free ship. There IS no business angle. As I said, if they want to go and sell it as a pack-ship like they did the Odyssey and Bortas and more then likely will do with the Ambassador, dandy. I'm talking about the FREE one..

Business-wise, it makes a hell of a lot more sense to convert a BoP-looking ship into a Bird of Prey with some special ability, than it does to generate another cruiser that probably won't sell after the initial roll-out.
It's a free ship. Whatever they do with the free one will have no bearing on what they do with the C-store pack ships. Again, see the Odyssey and Bortas, which are very different as c-store ships then they were as free ships..

your inclusion of a CDR Uni console puts it in direct competition with better designs that already exist.
Bolded the part that matters.

Direct competition with better designs?

If there are better designs, there is no competition, direct or indirect..

How many ships did the free Bortas obsolete?

so where's the profit for Cryptic in your proposal?
There is no profit because it's a free ship...

at least MINE includes the ability to sell it once the event's over,
And if they do sell it when the event's over, it'll likely be in a "Tac/Sci/Eng" 3-ship pack just like the Odyssey and what the free ship is will have absolutely no bearing on what the bundle ship will be, assuming there is one..

upsizing a BoP into a full on Cruiser makes as much sense as putting jet engines on a sopwith camel
Except they did it in the show, to pretty good effect presumably considering the Federation was losing the war and said "Sopwith Camerls with jet engines" presumably destroyed the "battleship" Enterprise-D..

I've said it at least 3 times now. If they want to make a sci-version of the ship as you envision it for the $50.00 3-ship-pack like they have done the Odyssey, Bortas and likely will do the Ambassador, awesome. That's prime work. Good job Cryptic..

But the free one doesn't need to be some half-assed science ship "just because KDF doesn't have one"...