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Prioritize the tac and the sci for grinding. Engineers are the weakest class in PvP right now, and have little to offer a team that a tac or sci cannot provide more efficiently.

For gear, the Omega shield is a must-have. The best three shields in the game are the Omega mk12, mk11, and mk10, because of the Dodge bonus they grant and their expose proc.

You will want the full Omega set for your sci. For your tac, you can either use the omega full set, or the omega shield and the armor and weapon of one of the other sets.

For your remaining weapon, the Federation Type 3 Phaser Rifle, a Compression Pistol, or a Pulsewave are the best choices for most purposes. Split Beam Rifles are occasionally superior in different situations. High Density Beam Rifles are occasionally useful. You should have a sniper rifle available in case you need its range, but it is not a good weapon for general use. Stun pistols can be effective but take a lot of practice and a coordinated team to get much use out of. CritD is the best weapon modifier for ground damage. KB3 and DoT3 are sometimes useful.

Never use: dual pistols, miniguns, blast assaults, melee weapons, full autos other than the Omega gun, 'borg prosthetic arms'.

For devices, you will want Large Hypos, Large Power Cells, a Gambling Device, the Shard of Possibilities, possibly the Ophidian Cane, and possibly Shield Batteries. Pay to Win devices purchased from the Lobi store are viable but not cost effective. The Cryo Grenades available from Cold Call in the Breen chain are effective, especially if paired with a Compressed Cryo Launcher (cold damage Pulsewave).

Run Fire Team primarily on your Tac. If you have the passive Covert, Operative can be an occasionally useful kit, but Fire Team is generally superior. Don't bother with Operative without Covert. Squad Leader provides powerful team buffs but is a weak solo kit. Only use it if there is an effective Medic and an effective Fire Team Tac on your team.

Use Medic primarily on your sci. Physicist can be very powerful in the right situation, but Medic is more versatile. Every team should have at least one Medic.

Don't use Shooter Mode. Disable zoom on aim mode in your settings. Disable 'auto target pets' and 'auto target objects'. Bind a convenient key for 'target nearest enemy'.

Aim and crouch. Sprint to move. Avoid Flank damage. Stay with your team. Fight one step from hard cover. Step or dive to cover if you come under heavy fire.

Aim and crouch.
If you are shooting, you should be aiming and crouching. Never jog.

Aim and crouch. Roll or sprint between places with cover, then aim and crouch and open fire.

Aim and crouch.

Aim and crouch.

Good guide but do you really need to tell them to use the cheese gear (cryo pulsewave and cryo nades) I mean ground is getting worse and worse because of tacts that can 1 shot you with the cryo pulsewave because NO armor has a resist to it, so its like your not wearing armor at all, heck even my sci on medic kit can 1 shot with the cryo pulsewave and we all know sci is the lowest damage class in this game.

now im not saying to not get the gun, but use it wisely, when the game starts use a normal gun, and if you see someone on the other side with it switch to yours as well this way it will make things kinda even.

and yea, Aim and crouch. and keep moving if there are cloakers in the area, mainly the cats that can go completely invisabe where even a sci cant see them cuz of covert and they hurt when they decloak