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12-25-2012, 08:18 AM
you guys do know iyou are the most efficient with 2 eff boffs right? 5 is no different then 3-4 so it is best to have 2 for the 1 to each system and 4-5 give only 2. So instead you could get a borg, another eff boff and 3 of any other race you want, like human.

I do agree each race needs a space trait i mean even klinks should have some sorta space ability of not like crit or acc or something since they are a space race as well. Why are humans the the only factions with a space trait not even Vulcans have one and they have been a part of space travel for like ever right...

More space traits!

wait... then i'd have to justify the millions i spent to make an aesthetically pleasing and talented bridge... dam...