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12-25-2012, 09:40 AM
i read this before and thought i'd give a go at pvp assault ground first time besides me and a friend messing around with pvp maps months ago ...result won one lost one match. weapons plasma compression pistol, maco battle rifle xi, poloron stun pistol, plasma assault minigun, energy whip(worked pretty good against the guy using the federation type 3 phaser rifle on the ramp killing us from spawn point), cryo launcher and anti proton pulsewave xii borg.
armor xi maco xi shield officer science kit medic x from old stf store
fantastic fun apart from the cryo launcher both personal and enemy easy to kill quick match no fun at all very little time to use other stuff and have fun or enjoy it after a few seconds the cryo uses usally had everyone dead but besides that pretty easy to use any thing you can get and win or lose in a good fight