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According to the site, part of the reason ion engines are planned is because they have a more gradual acceleration - only about 0.0001g. That means a 200 pound person will feel a weight shift of just .02 pounds as the wheel spins. This should not be perceptible.

Maybe. Probably. But it's worth a try. Worst case scenario, they dismiss the petition and we (the BTE supporters) continue to push for it on the site.

Technically, this safety question will exist for any large spaceship in space. With the Enterprise, the gravity wheel pods, and all sections of the ship, will be air-sealed from each other. So if there is a problem in one section of the ship, it can be sealed off from the rest of the ship. So the ship is like a large submarine. Its compartments can be sealed off, and a large self-sufficient crew goes off on missions in an isolated ship for months at a time. And on the Enterprise triple redundancy in all systems makes sure that there is never a complete loss of a critical system.
yeah of course of all those but its better safe then sorry to plan out for all case scenarios.