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12-25-2012, 10:14 AM
I can't deny that I like the look of the Vulcan Phaser Lady. I like her. She's attractive.

But I'm very aware that this pic is a pinup and it doesn't make me think about the game. It makes me think 'sexy Vulcan lady in a pinup'. Even that seems a little fake since it's uncharacteristic for a Vulcan to go out of their way to act and look sexy. With handsome phaser guy, you got starships and epic battles in the background. That makes you think about the game and conjure up images of adventure and action. Vulcan Phaser Lady misses the mark in that regard.

I say keep her, even if her overt sexuality is a little over the top.

Originally Posted by iconians View Post

As much as I'd like to pin the blame on them -- if gaming culture decided that cute kittens wearing pink bows on marketing artwork had proven to sell more copies of the game, you can be rest assured there would be a vulcan sehlat with a pink bow running through the battlefield of STO plastered on the front page.
That's insane enough to work... on hardcore nerds. *L*

Personally I'd like to see something a little more daring and humourous in STO advertising.

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