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12-25-2012, 11:34 AM
It sounds like you are doing an escort quest. I almost want to not help you out of principle, but...

There is no way to make a mission fail and tell the players. Which is a good thing IMO because despite the challenge people will rage at you if you have a fail mechanic. I did once, big mistake.

If you didn't mind a non-fail (which could break the illusion you want) there is a way now that contacts disappear, but, it's a little choppy. However, I've not tested around with patrols enough to decide if it will work as I expect it to. Foundry Patrols are still an emerging science to us.

If you still want to hear ideas that only -may- work, and do not fulfill your fail mechanic requirement I could maybe have a possible way to make something work like this. Also, I'd hate to use this on any custom map or map with multiple levels for the path. Beyond that you could be borked. Again, could be a make or break for you.