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# 1 Old Ships Refit at 50 - C Shop
12-25-2012, 11:37 AM
All those ships we barely got to play as we leveled so fast.

Why not bring them back as updated variants at higher levels?

1, Gives variety and choice.
2, Lets people play as ships they saw in the series/films
3, Is a relatively easy way for PW to make money (some cash/some not)
4, Sticks more to lore as opposed to fantasy ships.

Any questions see this:


More seriously this seems a really simple way to bring more ships into the higher levels. More choice, with balance = a good thing. Pay for some, not pay for others, all it takes is tweaking a few numbers.

At present most cash shop ships are not worth buying as we level so fast, until the higher tiers.

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