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Ah I see, I haven't joined a fleet on either my Starfleet or klingon character that is why. Many thanks. I haven't seen much in the c-store, and I was thinking if I spend 30 pounds that is it, I have everything, which seems a bit silly. 5 pounds for extras, 25 for the only ship I want out of the 5 or so on offer at the higher tier (outside of fleet).

Just to clarify, I join a fleet, more c store options open up?
If you join a fleet that has a shipyard of the appropriate level and grants you purchase permission, you can then buy a Fleet Ship for that character (it isn't an account unlock). Retrofit ships cost 200k fleet credits, and slightly-better Fleet Retrofit ships cost 20k plus four Fleet Modules purchased from the Exchange or C-Store. Retrofits of T5 C-store ships that you otherwise already own cost 1 module, but all others (even ones you already own otherwise, but aren't T5 C-store) cost 4.

So lets say you want a basic Retrofit version of the Nova. You join a fleet with a shipyard and donate enough stuff that they give you buying permission. You come up with 200,000 fleet credits, go to the teller, and pick out your ship. Now you have a Nova with T5ish stats for that character only.

Alternately, same thing as above, but you want a Fleet Retrofit Nebula instead. You need a higher-level shipyard, and instead it costs you 20,000 fleet credits, plus the 4 Modules. However you already purchased the T5 C-Store version of the Nebula a few months ago. Because you own the T5 C-Store version already, it costs 20,000 credits and only 1 module instead.