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12-25-2012, 12:55 PM
Heh, 'out of principal' ?

Currently I have no way to fail, which defeats the entire purpose of the mission (as well as the illusion) but this mission is for me to train, and test ship builds. Let the others rage if they feel the need to.

I think I could build in an unmentioned objective using a common NPC spawn but I wanted to try tying it to the actual convoy I set up first, but I'm more curious as to how I can get an NPC's to trigger events.

I've already posted the mission for personal testing of the patrol system, but a non-failing mission isn't much of a challenge.

<edit> I just had a thought, perhaps I make a bunch more waypoints near the end of my mobs routes to effectively have them in a holding pattern until I complete the other objectives then force a conversation with the mob from one of my other principals. IF the mob no longer exists then the player cannot initiate the conversation with my patrolling mob.
>> can I converse with a freindly group on a patrol, or am I limited onto to contacts ?
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