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12-25-2012, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by iconians View Post
Don't pretend it doesn't, don't blame the artist, blame the gaming culture for endorsing and encouraging this kind of marketing 'artwork'. Blame PWE if you want, but they only commission this because that's what sells.
Oh I blame the artist all right, that anatomy is questionable, and the foreshortening is godawful. Sexy isn't bad, in fact, sexy is quite good! (Seriously, when can I have the pretty ladies in my signature Cryptic? When!?!?!) It's the pose, anatomy, and bizarre lack of taste that bothers me. It's not even indicative of what you can actually get in game.

If you could have hair like that, and there was an open variant of the Odyssey uniform, then I would feel slightly better about it. But even now, it really is false advertisement.

(And that foreshortening is terrible!!! I really must stress that!!! How did this make the cut!?!? How!?!?)