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12-25-2012, 02:30 PM
Just recalling the history of BFAW. Originally it targets randomly but always hit the target, but this power was rarely used except to clear spam. Later they revamped it so that it was more useful as it hits the primary target more with additional beams hitting random targets with the beam's arc. This version was super powerful as it had 100% accuracy and was effective in totally clearing spam and shredding enemy's shields. Mines, fighters, targetable torpedoes were totally useless when BFAW was deployed. People complained so they made so that BFAW ability has a chance to miss. However, the chance of missing target was quite high. I seem like the accuracy bonuses were not being applied at all. Since then the accuracy of this skill has improved but it still do not think it uses the same mechanics as regular beam fire as it is not applying all the accuracy bonuses as regular fire. The "to hit" % is almost always lower with BFAW compare to regular fire.

Is this "working as intended" or is this an error?