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12-25-2012, 04:32 PM
Maybe I should add a failed mechanic to my missions... Can you imagine? 1 hour 30 minutes in, some insignificant NPC dies and you have to start over.

In all seriousness, maybe you could do this in a custom interior map. Have a little trap door where the NPC falls into if they get to the location way before the player. Then have a reach marker that not only despawns the NPC but closes the trap door when the player arrives.

This gives me a good idea on a map I'm working on though. Maybe I'll spawn an NPC to lead someone from the transporter room after a dialogue that says they'll lead the way. But in that case I'll probably just leave them cycling the patrol route.

We really need more control over the patrols. Like we need to be able to add "wait points" and "animate points".

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