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I'll keep it simple.

Tac: Go with either Fire Team Kit or Operative Kit. . Both offer a lot of damage dealing but in unique ways. Take a Gamma Quadrant Tribble if you're going to be a dirty, no good ganker. But if you've got a pair, take a gambling device to go with your Fire Team Kit. Either way, an Omega Force kit is handy to have for it's great with crit severity (Fireteam) and with stealth (Ops Kit).

Eng: Enemy Neutralization Kit. You can disable your enemy's weapon, freeze them to the ground, and drop an Orbital Strike on them. Nothing brings more grief than that! Fabrication Specialist is also handy for PvP assault since your towers heal and quantum mortars make it damn hard for the enemy team to gather up or stay put in a hard to attack position, but you'll be mincemeat if you ever have to fight up close.

Sci: Not my specialty. But I heard that healtanks use Physician or Borg Medical Analyzer Kit to great effect. In fact, a good healtank will outheal even the best damage dealers.

As for general advice:
  • One long range weapon (sniper rifle, Type III TOS Rifle, etc), and one pulsewave rifle.
  • Omega Force Personal Shield and Armor are great go-to equipment.
  • Pack plenty of consumables. Hypos are obvious, but power cells and shield batteries are handy for countering negative effects (such as weapons malfunction and fuse armor).
  • Know where to spend your points on skills. They make the difference between a mediocre grounder and a near invincible grounder.
  • Research your DOffs! Look up what doffs will maximize your ground abilities and use them! It's the reason why some engineers can summon an ungodly amount of turrets, and why tacs can literally send a redshirt army after you.

There's also some tacit rules with PvP. For example:
-Nobody likes a ganker.
-Relativity pistols will get you ganged up upon.
-Same for cryo shotguns.
-And most importantly... be respectful and kind. There's lots of smacktalk, but most of those players aren't well respected no matter how good they are.

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