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Sex sells.
There have been studies that show that sex only sells sex. Brands that use sexual imagery to sell their product typically have worse rates of customers remembering the product being sold.

"Would you like some Choco Party?"

"Some what?"

"The commercial with the big boobied girl in a bikini jumping up and down."

"Oh, that. Sure."

But I'm sure you'll agree that her pose was a lot less, as the kids say, "derpy" T'Boobs would have gone over a lot better, even if she was in the same outfit.

It's doubly sad since Star Trek has had long history of appealing to women and LGBTQ geeks. STO is obviously doing quite well financially milking just the babymen alone, but it wouldn't hurt them to make the game more welcoming to players who haven't just crawled out of the primordial soup.
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