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Data stream sent.
James: We are on our way. As fast as possible, as far as finding allies I am not certain.

*James ends the transmission, his crew is afraid as they do not know for certain if this is their timeline or even their dimension. If it is theirs how long have they been gone?*

James: Wax take the con. I am going to my ready room for awhile. *everyone feels his despair. *

*Firie tries to give some sort of comfort but James can't look past everything he is feeling.*

*He enters his ready room and just sinks into his chair. *

James- Damn it... Why can't life just respect each other instead of trying to control one another... Damn...

*Ghostly voice of his Grandfather.*

Life is still growing and there are other races and beings that don't understand it.. Man especially was born out of control. They understood this and still ignored it to cause bloodshed, even the Federation was guilty of this. They soon began to consume the Earth and its resources and went out into space to do the same. Somewhere we let that same corruption that nearly destroyed us 100 years ago.

James- Grandpa... I just don't know how we can fix it. How can we instil that hope we...

Man up boy do what feels right in your heart. Get rid of the culprit of this corruption.

James- M...

But you must help the people that are in his way before its too late.

James: Alright.

Dorman is nearby you can reclaim him.

James: Reclaim him...

*James taps the Comm channel and sends his message to cole.

James- Found Captain Dorman retrieving him.