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Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
Really Voicedark..if theres no content to hold the players interest it doesn't matter how much we do as player to promote KDF numbers. If the content isn't there, they don't stay..

Or in other words, we've tried that.. doesn't seem to work either.

and the lack of CONTENT has nothing to do with the players and everything to do with the lack of work and development by the studio.. There is no other multifaction MMO that I know of where this sort of situation has happened.. most definatly none of the major playors in any of the MMO's have a half a faction running around in thier game.

why shouldn't KDF players want the same options and play value as the fed faction?

And after 3 years of STO all we have left is posting and ******** about it. SO if you just happen to have something in the way of a suggestion that actually WORKS (which you obviously dont!), other then stating the obvious that WE ALL KNOW..then your post is a waste of space..

Khemaraa sends
Some of my favorite games are multi-faction games, and if what you got from my post was that the KDF is the red-headed step child that should just be locked away and forgotten about then I apologize because you misunderstood what I meant.
As you've said the game has been around for almost 3 years now, and in 3 ears Cryptic hasn't really done anything to really interest players in playing the KDF faction, and that's why I said it's really up to the KDF players to finally do something about that. Pretty much the second you log in or load up one of the HUB areas of the game, you'll see fleet recruitment messages in zone chat. So again one of my suggestions is to try to recruit players to play the KDF like you recruit for factions.
Throughout the forums I have given numerous suggestions on how the KDF faction could be made stronger and how it would be possible to get more people interested in playing it. The lack of content isn't the only issue, as many people have stated the HUD coloring is painful to look at for long periods of time. To be honest the Qo'nos map is like an emergency shanty town that was just thrown together without rhyme or reason to function and we all know how important first impressions are.
Unlike Garek boasting about Cardassian artists, the Klingons have a rich cultural hostory that they don't openly acknowledge to outsiders, but it does exist. This should really be showcased by the grandeur of the first city on Qo'nos, but isn't, and Cryptic seems to only focus on the warrior side of the race.
The point is some things really do have to be addressed by Cryptic, but there are other things that the KDF fans CAN do to constructively help.