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Hampton: all hands continue red alert.

He looks back at the display now showing the alpha quadrant situation
*The USS Odyssey is heading to the vessel. Shields up. The Replicators vessel then begin attacking on sight.The beams from their ship causes the AT shielding to fluctuate. Even cause a little bleedthrough.*

James: Wax deploy that feature we were asked to test before being diverted to the Romulan Space.

Wax: Are you sure sir? We don't know the particulars of this technology.

James: Do it.. from what I have heard seen of the reports we need to have something to keep our fire concentrated. The AT shielding is going to be our protection for now.. but when we near the ship we are going to spread the field and surge the machine's shielding and weapons. Then we are going to carve a hole into the ship.

Wax: Understood.

*The Odyssey begins to fire back, and get the vessel's attention. The frame begins to glow and the hull begins to shift some. When the Odyssey gets closer the field surges forward and causes the replicator vessel to become incapacitated. The boarding party is ready. *

James: deploy the bit system.

Wax: *preparing a headset connected to his head* Aye.

*The ship deploys the bits like its shedding its knives, and they surge forward and attack a certain section of the ship. Their particle beams cut deep and successfully remove part of the bulk head. *

James: Beam them over now. Give me sit reps on the disabled vessel.