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One possibility would be allowing Foundry missions to start in a cluster, and then giving players the option to 'switch on' some list of 'I'd like to randomly hit top rated cluster Foundry missions.'

Maybe something like the search parameters that exist now, as a 'this, please' arrangement.

So, for example, 'top rated missions that are between 20 mins and 1 hour.'

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This may sound complicated (and is surely non-trivial for Cryptic) but one thing I can see that would allow them to reward certain kinds of Foundry missions is this:

"Create Delta Volanis Exploration Combat (Space) Mission" in the Foundry editor.

It loads a Foundry mission template which includes killing five waves of Nausicaans. This part is not removable from the story timeline. However, text can be edited and anything can be fitted around this.

So it's a "Kill 5" mission but authors can add anything to that they see fit, edit text, choose enemy placements, etc.

Likewise you'd have "Scan 5" space and ground, "Kill 5" space and ground, etc.

The unique feature is that it has certain elements that are mandatory parts of the story timeline. (Maybe coupled with an inability to place any friendly mobs in these special "template" missions.)

With a baseline worked in, there's a way that Cryptic can police what the minimum reward is and that the reward is thematic to the story.
A kill-5 mission is a kill-5 mission. Letting players customize the dialogue might make them a little better, but in the end I don't think there's much we can do with those templates.
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