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12-25-2012, 09:02 PM
Here's my PVP revamp idea that I have been kicking around.

1. First of all, add a modifier to the gear to make it separate from PVE in order to help re-balance, like honor.
2. Make the MACO and Honor Guard sets as PVP only and keep the Omega to the Borg. These MACO and HG can have upgraded ones like MACO-Recon or Honor Guard-Chancellor's Guard.
3. Have a Starfleet and Imperial Fleet rep systems to earn the MACO and HG sets like Honor Marks.
4. Every two Seasons have a different PVP Season in order to promote a new map, a new tourney, and a new PVP gear set.
5. Promote PVP tourneys and territorial control at ESD and First City, where every month a listing of the top PVP players and teams, who is winning or controlling the most territories.
6. Take out the four dailies and move them to Beta Ursae, where it makes sense to have the True Way as a enemy. Convert Ker'rat to UFP vs KDF and move the Borg War Zone to Gamma Orionis. Move Nukara and Drozana to Pi Canis.
7. Introduce the Neutral Zone in Eta Eridani as territory control.
8. Introduce a story element and missions to the PVP map zones.
9. Have a reward system based on game play, such has most kills get dilithium and honor marks, the most heals get honor marks, and every participant get a basic helpings of dilithium, marks, and EC.