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yeah of course of all those but its better safe then sorry to plan out for all case scenarios.
Absolutely. That's why triple redundancy is a major part of the design proposed on the site. There are three nuclear reactors (a main 1.5GWe reactor in the "engineering hull", and two auxiliary 500MWe reactors in the "nacelles"), three ion engines, a triple-layered hull, and so on.

A worst-case-scenario option would be to jettison the reactors and use the liquid propellant rockets on the saucer ("impulse engines") to return to Earth. They're not as fast or as powerful as the ion engines, but they would get the ship moving. And they have a much better rate of acceleration.

Ideally, the ship would carry enough supplies and backup power systems to last a bare minimum of one year, probably more since the ship is designed for long-term missions. That should be enough to get it home from, say, Mars. And there are already ideas on how to grow food and generate oxygen aboard the ship.
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