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Title: Finding Lascaux (1/2)
Author: gulberat
Level: 35+
Language: English
Time: 60 minutes?
Eligible for officer's reports: EDIT--YES
Type: Light space combat, no ground combat. Dialogue/story-heavy. This mission is meant for people who enjoy reading a story.

Description: Though some now serve capably as Starfleet officers, mystery surrounds the Pakleds and how they came to be found drifting nearly helpless amongst the stars capable of seemingly little, yet alive.

The Federation and the Cardassians have tasked you with finding the remnants of their history--and bringing the interveners to account.

There will hopefully be a second episode someday...but dang, I'm worn out from building this one!

I am not a Foundry wizard, but I hope you will enjoy the story nonetheless, and see some things in a different light.

Oh--and why are the Cardassians involved in this? Just watch "Samaritan Snare." Is that Starfleet diplomacy and science at its best? Really?

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