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It would help immensely, if the Officer Exchange Program "assignments" would have a 100% chance of granting a DOff of an equal department and job title. I.e

Green Orion Sensor Officer --> Blue Cardassian Sensor Officer

Don't need to adjust the math for success rates. Just adjust so that when we do an Officer Exchange, we get a new officer that holds the same job as the one being exchanged. Think of Riker as First Officer, who later was temporarily replaced by Kurn as First Officer. Despite Kurn's heritage, he didn't suddenly go over to Tactical Department serving as Chief Tactical Officer.

I make this suggestion based on the following outcome (latest Exchange assignment):

Green Nausicaan Energy Weapons Officer Space


Blue Dosi Armory Armory Officer Ground

This shows my exchange officer went from Tactical Department, to Security. My new officer should've been a shiny blue Dosi Energy Weapons Officer.