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...are we counting the Berman/Braga era in which the deflector dish is your one-stop shop for all things defense- and mass-destruction related, to the point it makes one wonder why the Federation wastes time with phasers and torpedoes and would be better-suited building a ship that has nothing but deflector dishes?

I once made the joke the Federation should build a ship that has a deflector dish for each potential facing (fore, aft, port, starboard, dorsal and ventral) and a warp core launcher, and name it the U.S.S. Braga. It would be the meanest mofo in the galaxy.
The Dominion is way more powerful then the Klingons. Think about it the only way the Klingons won against the Dominion was because the Dominion was bottle necked by the worm hole so the vast majority of thier resources were trapped back in Gamma Quadrant. They had to rely on what they snuck through the wormhole, the already wounded Cardassians and later the Breen as well as what they could build in a short matter of time and they still almost won against an alliance of the three most powerful empires of the Alpha/Beta Quaderants, the Romulans, the Federation, and the Klingons. Even then it was because Odo convinced the head female Changeling to sue for peace, even with the fall of Cardassia the Dominion could have retreated to Breen Space and areas of Cardassia space still in thier control and rebuilt thier fleets and troops and used thier abilities to find new suckers, er allies to help out. Think on this we only really saw a bit of the Gamma Quadrant and what the Dominion managed to sneak in past the worm hole and built in a short span of time. We don't know what sort of ships, troops, entire species of being both natural and created beings they had in reserve back in the Gamma Quadrant.

If the Dominion had access to tech that could create stabile artificial wormholes the Klingon Empire would be dust.

To the Alpha and Beta Quadrants the Dominion war was a huge war, to the Dominion the only threat came from a disease cook up by a rogue Agency, its Gamma Qaudrant territory were never at risk and to most member species of the Dominion would have had zero caulties.