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12-25-2012, 11:10 PM
Aux2Bat doffs are free, it just takes time to crit the mission 3 times. The reward for unlocking the repeatable is a blue A2B doff as well. That helps bridge the gap a bit while waiting on your purps.

I went single cannons on my Bortie. DHC was just not fun. I'm also a tac, YMMV.

Uni LtCom - TT1, CRF1, Dispersal Pattern Beta:2
Lt Tac - BO1, APB1
Com eng - EP2S1, Aux2Bat1, EWP1, DEM3
Uni ens - EP2W1
Lt Sci - HE1, TSS2

1 DBB, 3xSingle cannons - Polarized Disruptors rock my socks.
2xTricobalt mines, 2x turret

3xBortasqu' consoles, Neturonium plate
Field generator
5xdisruptor console

3xAux2Bat doff
1xEWP doff
Wild card doff slot - evasive is a good pick
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