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12-25-2012, 10:54 PM
I picked up one myself just a couple weeks ago. I have free shipping on Amazon, so it was just a few dollars more than my monthly sub (which for me is $10/month from the sale three months back).

For someone like me with an irrational hatred of consumables (batteries), the Red Matter Capacitor is definitely nice to have. You also get access to the "standard" TNG and DS9 series uniforms and a month of Gold membership. I haven't used the uniforms yet, and I don't know that I expect to, but the Capacitor was probably worth the extra three bucks by itself.

Also, back in real life, you get a nifty comm badge for next year's Halloween costume.

Edit: Yes, the Capacitor can be claimed on each of your characters. I actually claimed two on each of my characters and put the second ones on my shuttles.
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