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Originally Posted by lordgyor View Post
To the Alpha and Beta Quadrants the Dominion war was a huge war, to the Dominion the only threat came from a disease cook up by a rogue Agency, its Gamma Qaudrant territory were never at risk and to most member species of the Dominion would have had zero caulties.
You are correct. The superiority of the Dominion is why Section 31 (greatest heroes of the Fedration!!) had to implement an assymetrical solution.

The Dominion ARE the Founders, and they were dying thanks to the disease. As the Founders grew weaker I think its pretty safe to assume their grip on power would quickly dwindle and the Dominion would collapse on itself. The Jem'Hadar are mighty, but even they could not hold the Dominion together as soon as the non engineered members of the Dominion realized the Founders were gone. Of course, you have to ask yourself, would the Jem'Hadar even bother if the Founders are gone? Their primary concern would be freeying themselves from the White rather than hold their former master's territory.

While their Gamma Quadrant holdings were never at risk, Its safe to assume Section 31's plague is the closest the Founders have to come to dying out.