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Commander Naomi Wildman glared furtively at the stone box left on her desk as she pondered her choices of action. Technically, Vice Admiral Remus Lee outranked her, and it would be improper for her to refuse a ranking officer's gift. However, Vice Admiral Lee was also notoriously laid-back and, as Admiral Lee's XO Commander K. Taylor was fond of pointing out to her, was not above playing the occasional prank on fellow Starfleet officers. Still, Admiral Lee's jokes only hurt people's pride, and almost always ended in laughs all around. Commander Wildman's attention returned to the box on her desk, and the PADD placed in front of it. She activated the PADD and scrolled to Admiral Lee's After Action Report.

Greetings and salutations on behalf of the crew of the Lord English, Commander Wildman! Kay has been anxious to return to K-7 and finish the session of Adventures of Flotter on Risa she started with you last week. We'll be returning to Tau Dewa next Monday, however.

As for our mission in the Sopheria Nebula, suffice it to say it was eventful. Following the trail of the lost 23rd scout ship SS Tir na nOg, we encountered a hitherto unknown pre-industrial civilization on the planet we've dubbed Wildman-1025. This civilization had built itself into the wreckage of the Tir na nOg and have progressed to the point of technical aptitude with Federation equipment, as we found out when the leader of the civilization invited us planetside.

As we met with the leader of the Wildman-1025 residents, we learned that they had learned about the Federation and about the technical schematics of the Tir na nOg from the ship's Holodeck, which had malfunctioned and materialized the entire hologram database of the ship with full self-awareness. The civilization had then split into two as a small cult arose from followers of one of the programs, but this cult had self-destructed soon afterwards. This cult had apparently had a reverence for face-painting and the Tir na nOg's electromagnetic plating and frequently used the ship's replicators to shower their followers with consecrated liquid in mass ceremonies. This box contains some of that liquid, as given by the Wildmanites to get rid of as the last vestige of this horror cult. And now I give it to you! Enjoy!

End Report
Commander Wildman put away the PADD and opened the box. She reached into the box...

... and pulled out a bottle of Faygo.

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