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# 22 how to make 30 min mish count
12-26-2012, 01:04 AM
k i have a mssion that ive been making its been revewed enuff to be out of reveiw state takes 20-30 mins bout 25mins average in a fleet ship with mk 12 gear, im sure somone could do it faster but call it 25 mins 5 space maps 2 ground and visits to qonos and academy on side. atm most of my spaws anre in super groups should i be spliting them into individual groups, say 8 groups for eg rather then 1 combined group? any help would be apreciated

ps i know of a few 5-10 min missions that do count but i just want my legitimate mission to count and i cant figure out why it dosnt even if u dont read anything know the pathing ect it still takes me atleast 20mins, admitedly 4 or so of that is map transistions

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