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So, now that I'm calmed down from the previous thread I made earlier, here's something I've been thinking on...

With all the fuss over the Omega shield regen, it got me wondering about shield regen and such, to which I had an 'eye opening' moment as to why shield regen is so important, especially now. So part of this is pretty much gonna be what you all already know, but it's only something I just realized at simply how good it is.

I feel that shield regen is something most people don't realize is very effective. Way way back in the day, when Field Generators were limited to 1, you ran 1, and then you had other sci consoles to do with as you pleased. Nowadays though, often times things do a LOT of damage regardless of your capacity, and then you've suddenly lost a huge amount of shields, with fewer ways to get it back.

So shield regen comes back in, where you gain X amount every 6 seconds. By itself it might not seem like much, but it's also the fact that it's on all 4 facings that you have immediate use of. More recently, that also adds in the Omega regen, which can be in the realm of about 250 on top of that per facing.

For a good amount of ships, that will be in the range of about 500 total at about 50 shield power, so that's 2000 shields regained every 6 seconds. Even if you had 20,000 shields a facing, that's 10% of a facing guaranteed to come back.

All this isn't even tossing on other skills, consoles, buffs, DOFFs, and BOFF abilities.

I do feel however that regen is more important on different ships compared to capacity, which is good on others, at least IMO. Like...

Sci ships have their huge shield modifiers, so a ship like the Temporal sci has that 1.45 modifier (I think), so a Covariant shield (especially with like a CapX3) can give it some BIG shields even before other stuff. Regen is still useful, but they have those big modifiers to make better use of it. A Resilient shield array can be good though, because they still buff it a lot, but in turn they can't give up too many (if any) sci consoles for shields, since they need those consoles to well...sci it up.

Cruisers are probably best with a Resilient shield regardless, because they generally don't buff shield capacity very much, but they are also wanting to survive. An engineer in a cruiser as well is gonna have a nice bunch of fun abilities to use to make sure their shields don't drop as easily. A good E-power to shields or Shield Battery followed by Rotate Shield Frequency is enough to heal shields, and provide enough regen to stay going steady.

Escorts, and escort-esque ships are more wanting regen I feel. They usually have less than a 1.0 shield modifier anyways, so they lose no matter what they do. Using a Covariant doesn't always help since they might have larger shields, but lose a LOT of regen in the process. A regenerative shield can provide them the shields they need, but more over time due to a lack of shield heals they can slot (presuming the toon flying it is a tac of course)

There's exceptions to every rule of course. The Galor being an excellent example with that big ole 1.3 modifier, allowing to make better use of a larger shield without giving up too much.

So yeah, that was kind of my epiphany I've recently realized, maybe it isn't quite the right one, but I wanted to mention it, because I've been giving a LOT more thought to the regen rate on my ships nowadays, instead of just pure capacity, and it's made a very considerable difference in how well my ship flies, for the good.

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