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Originally Posted by erkyss2 View Post
Field gens dont have diminishing returns. But i would suggest to run cloak in sci console slot along with 1 field gen. For engi consoles i would recommend 2 neutroniums and 1 rcs.
now that depends on the content that he/she wants to do, and what kind of universal consoles he got.
the assimilated console and the romulan console with the 1.9% crit is actually a must have in any case.
the cloak is only usefull in PVP, and not even there. Depends on how yor team plays it, cloak can be usefull but not obligatory. myself i allways use it in PVP, though i stopped PVPing month ago.
Field gen, i use it too in most situations, but for PVE not obligatory.
2x neutroniums, now that is an overkill in my opinion, 1 is sufficent if you skilled atleast 6 points in each armor plating skills.
5 tac consoles for the weapon type in use is obligatory in any case.
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