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This. People need to get over the idea that Starfleet is a military organization just because its rank system mirrors the Navy. it is not, Gene Roddenberry even said Starfleet is an exploratory unit, not a Military Organization.
One of Roddenberry's greatest mistakes was that he never really definitively laid out all the different parts of the "United Federation of Planets" and Starfleet. Please excuse me for not remembering exactly what episodes for the difference series, but there are references throughout the canon ST series/movies that somewhat fill in the blanks. For example Each Planet in the Federation can have it's own defense force, so if you look at the M.A.C.O. from that view point it gets alot easier to figure out.


|----|-----United Federation of Planets
| |
| |-----M.A.C.O--------|
| |

1) United Federation of Planets: Top of the whole "Command" Chain

2) M.A.C.O: Earth's Defense Force. A separate organization within the Federation specific to Earth. deploy-able to Starfleet when the need arises, but ultimately answer to the Federation.

3)Starfleet: The exploration organization of Starfleet. Ultimately answer to the Federation Council.

4) Civilians: Anything from Cargo Vessels to Research facilities/vessels. For example the Raven that the Hanson's used to study the borg.