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Originally Posted by woodwhity View Post
Well, I currently fly all energy with 2 DHC,1DC and 1DB for BO. Its a nice build, however, there is a reason why the lead-pvp-fleets fly with torpedos.

However, a skilled torpedo, maybe photon or borg/romulan plasma (the letters are real dmgbusters), would also be of use (instead of DB). There are several factors, first of, your energy drain would decrease. So the other weapons will make more dps than they have before - but of course less than with DB or DC/DCH in place. The other point is the high damage density of a torpedo, and thats very important in PvP. You need to deliver a blow the moment your enemy cant heal himself, and this is the power of a torpedo. (Which is the weak side of all-energy-escorts, they cant deal a massive blow every few seconds -except with BO, but even here HY is stronger.) And dont forget the Elite Shields with reactive shielding

I have also run with DHC only, for testing, its nice, but I think a torpedo might be more efficient.

A Torp as a rear weapons is misplaced, because with a defiant you are bound to attack the enemy with your front side. Even when turned, you lose much more dps with a torp rear than with a torp front an a turret rear. Because your rear torp would fire every >30sec.Every other scenario would be a huge dps-loss, because your dmg-makers are the frontweapons.
I could see a little merit in a front torpedo, but in a premade case? No, I can't justify it. My role is to dish out DPS and call out targets. Once in a while, I'll throw a heal towards my teammates when they call for it.

With any escort, you're bound to attack from the front..

And, even though having a torpedo takes less drain off you're power levels, it's still not enough to justify having one in the first place. If you do replace something with a torpedo, replace a turret, it takes the same drain as any other weapon and has significantly less damage the DC, DHC, and DBB.

I run an all cannon build, sometimes I'll throw a DBB with BO3 on, which would be smarter then the torpedo you're suggesting for burst damage, and it would benefit from the energy consoles you have, and give you a slightly better firing arc then DC and DHC if memory serves (I honestly don't use this that much).

I also wouldn't use this in a team format of 3 or more, because there wouldn't be much need for burst damage with focus fire, especially if you have a proper premade, it's pointless.

I made my points for the OP, I don't have any intention of making this a debate. He can decide, he was just looking for input on a ship I don't even own personally. While the 5th console slot is nice, it's lackluster stats fail to impress me. And, no good PvPer relies on the ability to cloak, it is nice to have once in a while though, I just have better consoles to put in it's place, like a 2nd RCS.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or reply here..I'll keep a loose eye on this thread. Usually I just stick to 12th Fleet forums since I see tons of spam here, lol.