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Originally Posted by raj011 View Post
If I remember correctly in space you can build a ship any ship you want since there is no air in space so don't have to worry about aerodynamics? You can build a giant donut or Lego brick and is would be fine.
i wasn't refering to aerodynamics in any kind...interstellar debree, make some sort of shield in front of the ship necessary for instance...
above all it is not a practical design. Nasa has probably a trillion functional designs, already in their deskdrawers.
a design like the botany bay is way more realistic for instance.

actually a donut is an incredible practical design for a spaceship, the living habitats could be inside this shape and the rotation creates artificial gravity...also the round shape has the most surface to volume ratio...which means less material for a maximum of living space...etc.

i mean there are millions of articles about this subject, if you read through some it will become clear why the enterprise shape is just too unpractical as a spaceship design.

scifi ideas are incredible to inspire people and to trigger inovations...but 1 to 1 adaptation is not smart, just for the sake of looks.
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