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Some elements I do believe would make the game better.

1. Faction vs Faction open warfare for systems. A two hours event each day, a four hours event on weekend days. During this time systems held by the enemy can be invaded and taken, counterattacked and recovered, etc.

2. Starbases can be only built on systems. If the system is taken the starbase does change hands as it is. Every system does give a particular set of (small) boni to the faction that does hold it. The guild that does control the system is free to offer starbase services to independant players at a price inflated by a tax of its choice (maybe influenced by faction policy too). They can also set a tax to the price of any services the system does offer on its own.

3. To capture a system a certain set of objectives must be accomplished by the invading force. The guild that does have a higher score when the objectives are accomplished do become the 'owner' of the system. If independent players do have a higher score than all present guilds the system is still conquered by their faction but the starbase does remain 'abandoned.' If a system is conquered the objectives are reset after a small timeframe (say, five minutes) only with the conquering faction as the defender instead so that the faction that did lose the system can try to retake it before the event does end.

4. The leaders of all guilds/fleets have an amount of votes for faction policy proportional to their fleet's power. Each leader can also set a single objective before a Realm vs Realm event does begin (protect this system, invade this system, kill enemy ships of this particular enemy guild, etc). The players that do participate in the battles related to these objectives do receive a greater reward than they would normally do. The rewards do scale with the power of the guild that does set them (a small guild will only give a small bonus, a big guild will give a big one). Several leaders can pick the same objectives and thus add their boni together.

5. Fleets of the same faction can only invade each other when the Faction vs Faction war event is not active, and even then can only do so in a way decided by factional policy (both fleets do have to accept before warfare is declared, only one has to accept but it must openly declare war and the attacks can't begin until after a given time did pass, free for all, etc).

6. Individual players of the same faction can only fight each other in duels. The conditions of these duels (both must accept, open PvP, etc) are another part of faction policy.

7. Independant players can be hired as mercenaries by a fleet before starting an invasion on the holdings of another fleet. In this way fleet-less players can still enjoy the massive battles and benefit from them.

8. Before the Faction vs Faction event does begin fleet-less players can be hired as mercenaries by a fleet. When fighting to conquer a system their score will count not as freelancer but as part of the fleet that did hire them even when they are not proper members of the guild.

9. Faction policy does also influence other things such as how big can the taxes fleet are able to impose on their systems be, pick from different global boni for their faction, etc.

10. A third faction will be needed. This kind of system does only work when the faction number isn't TWO so that the ballance of power does constantly shift around. Ideally I would like Klingon, Federation, Romulan, and Dominion but even Klingon, Federation, and Romulan would work.

11. The home system of each faction can't be conquered. It can, however, be invaded. Those who do can obtain special rewards based upon reaching milestones of damage dealt, time survived, etc. Factions that do manage to keep the siege going long enough to reach special faction wide milestones can obtain special boni and inflict special mali on the defender for the next Realm vs Realm event.

12. Players without a starbase do respawn at their Faction home system when killed. Players with a starbase do respawn at their starbase. The bigger a faction is the longer it will take the loses in a particular system to be replaced by respawning as the players do have to travel longer to get there.

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