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Originally Posted by pwstolemyname View Post
Not using the aux cannonns is just plain crazy.

I have a number of builds for mine but my favorate for pve has to be the AOE build.

Gravity well III, Gravity Well I, Cannon Scatter Volley II, Cannon Scatter Volley I and Attack Patern Beta I are the key abilities of this build. Beyond that you need your standard tanking skills, tactical team emergency power to shields, transfer shield strength, polarize hull and hazard emitters.

So why Set up for AOE damage in a Vesta and not an escort which could put out more damage? 2 reasons.

Reason one, Gravity Well. The few escorts that can include gravity well in their AOE build are limited to Gravity Well I only and have a more complicated time ramping their aux levels high before poping it. AOE skills are of limited usfullness if your enemy dosnt clump up for you to hit all of them at once so being able to provide the gravity well to do so yourself is imensly usefull.

Reason two, Tank. The biggest drawback to an AOE build is that of drawing combined fire. An escort can tank better then many people think if it is built well but there are fleet alerts and STFs where the ammount of fire AOE attacks will draw are going to be more then your escorts shields and hull can take. The Vesta can tank damage a whole lot better, drawing the fire of large groups of enemies with its AOE and thus protecting weaker escorts. Whats more drawing the fire of many ships at once increases the DPS of the vesta as many of those ships will fire projectile weapons at it, which is damage it can return to them through the use of one of its consoles.

So use the aux cannons and run your aux at full. with standard captain skills your weapons power should still be boosted to medium levels even when set to the minimum so you will still have plenty for turrets (which draw very little power) aft. With your aux at max your gravity well will have imense range and your transfer shield strength, hazard emitters and polarize hull will all be extra effective. Which is a good thing given the amount of damage you will be tempting.

I use this build to grind vr loot from starbase 24 as it just about always takes 1st.
hm. the basic idea I agree. I use two grav wells and full AoE, and that is what this ship was designed for (its also good for catching heavy torps, supporting team, by not letting them die).

however do not say, that with such a build, you have to use the aux. if you go full aux power, you lose insane amounts of dps. in this setup there is no point in going full aux, since you would only use it with grav wells, and for healing. for that a simple battery will suffice.

if I go full aux power, and minimum weapons power, I get 63/25 in my weapons. for the turrets that means, from dealing 700 dps they go down to 266. that is extreme amounts of dps you are losing, for a bit stronger gravity well and a bit of healing bonus