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12-26-2012, 02:21 AM
nice text editing!

wouldn't be an adapted KHG 2 piece set much better for that kind of setup? i mean, more aux, more torpedo dmg...

and instead of the experimental plasma beam array the aux DHC from the vesta?

also setting powerlevels to this round values makes little sense...since 100 means you will probably run at 130, which is too that must be balanced around the actual powerlevels, that means it may be 95, 90 or something...

personally i think this is a rather expensive setup, and i'm not convinced really that it is an "effective torpedo vesta"
It is a torpedo build, obviously, if it is actually effective, i don't better be judging by the things in it that cost real money to some extend, but i personally doubt it to be any more effective than the standard cookie cutter vesta builds around.

PS: it would probably also make a lot of sense to get the new consoles from the embassy into that build
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