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12-26-2012, 03:25 AM
Actually in all seriousness the Enterprise design isn't actually a bad one to go with, it just needs some real world tweaking.

The Neck could be shortened and widened to allow for greater structural stability. Also along those same line the Nacelle pylons could also be shortened and make wider. The change to the overall look of the ship wouldn't be that drastic and would really add alot to the physical strength of it.

You have to remember despite all the prototypes and concepts of high acceleration, high velocity engines the best we can do is think the current is a Gen3, Gen4 Ion engine, so alot of the high velocity structural issues simply aren't there.

As far as the actual saucer section and artifical gravity in general, by the time this thing could actually be build an electromagnetic gravity plate system should be easy to design by then. By this I mean a magnetized floor plating that would be strong enough that you could stand upright and also strong enough for it to bounce off the walls of a corridor or small room to allow for gravitational pressure to be constant across the entire body, much like on Earth.