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12-26-2012, 02:31 AM
Umm, about number 1 - what if the debater is comparing neo-nazis to the original nazis?
Then he is making a mistake
I was refering to comparing the person you are Arguing with not people who you have not met

About number 2 - a Wiki can be correct, just do independent fact checking. You should be doing that regardless of what source you are quoting.
Wikis are unstable
I could go into a wiki right now and edit it to say anything I wished
Wiki is therefore an invalid source

And number 3 - just plain ignorant. What if the debate is about some point of theology? What? Everyone is wrong as soon as they mentioned an outside reference?
professional theologians can not be trusted
it is in their interest to be inaccurate
Dawkins is the Anti-theologist he makes his living denying the mystical , spiritual and religious

Think before you post, man. Overstating claims like yours is a more sure-fire way of losing any debate then your list.
And yet I DO win

because i never quote a wiki or a theologian and do not compare people with long dead political groups